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Work Package 2.1: Toolbox - An Overview

The Agora Toolbox is part of the Work Package 2 which aims at

- providing and implementing evaluated methodologies and

- giving strategic recommendations on sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).

Consequently, the purpose of the toolbox is to deliver the corresponding methodologies. Moreover, in accordance with the overall aim of Agora to develop and promote sustainable tourism in the rural areas of the BSR, the toolbox naturally needs to provide tools that allow for and lead to sustainable tourism development.


Content of the Agora Toolbox

Based on a determination of requirements by the Baltic 21 Tourism Task Force (TOUTF) Network, a pre-selection of tools and methods for developing sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea Region was proposed to interested parties for the Agora pilot projects. The discussion resulted in the final selection of the following essential tools:

  • Tools for integrating sustainable tourism development with spatial planning at local and regional level
  • Market research as capacity planning tool in tourism
  • Developing sustainable tourism products
  • Labelling sustainable tourism products
  • Strategic cooperation in tourism
  • Sustainability Check for tourism projects - see Work Package 2.2


Apart from the first tool each of the topics will be worked on in three steps:

1.) A general overview of each topic has been provided and can be downloaded:

2.)  Evaluation of the tools and methods described in the overviews regarding their suitability for the Agora project.

3.) Guidelines for developing sustainable tourism in the Baltic Sea Region.

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